What Is Family Medicine And Is It Right For My Family?

What Is Family Medicine And Is It Right For My Family?

Having a family physician or doctor is always a good idea because that doctor is specific to your needs and medical help. Here is everything you need to know about family medicine.

Family Medicine

Family medicine is basically a unit of doctors and health care professionals who provide medical assistance and services to a family. Family medicine includes a lot of doctors of different types. There can be general physicians, pediatricians, gynecologists, OB/GYN, internists, etc. A physician is a doctor who can look after your medical treatment and problems for all of your life, from the time you are born till the time you become a senior citizen. Pediatrician and OB/GYN are specific to your needs.

Pediatricians usually have the right to look after the kids until they turn to adulthood. Whereas, gynecologists and obstetricians will be there for you for any pregnancy-related reasons. Having a family doctor within reach is a great thing because you never know when an emergency can strike.

Is Family Medicine Worth It?

Here are some convincing reasons which will make you want a family doctor for your familial unit.

1. They Know Your Entire Family History

This is very pertinent and easy for you and your doctor, as your doctor knows all of the underlying concerns and health conditions of your family. Instead of going to a completely new doctor and starting from square one, a family doctor will save you all of that time and precious money, since your family’s medical history is clear as day in front of the doctor.

2. Family Medicine Is Very Age Inclusive

There is no doctor which will not be delighted to treat any age group medically. Family doctors treat toddlers, newborn babies, mothers, old people, etc. This becomes easy for you and your family since you don’t need a special doctor for every member of your family.

3. Better Treatments And Diagnosis

The medical evaluation of family doctors is more than what meets the eye. They don’t only do yearly or necessary checkups, but they also suggest testing for other diseases like heart illness, blood pressure, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases. So, family doctors are not just skimming over the surface, they go in deep whenever they feel it is necessary.

4. They Refer You To Specialists At The Right Time

Family doctors can also have great connections with other doctors if they need to give you a reference for specific treatment of an illness. Family doctors are a great line of communication between you and other medical professionals who might help you when you want it the most. The doctor will take care of everything from making arrangements, to help the patient settle in and become acquainted with the new doctor.

Family medicine is a great thing to dabble into if you are looking for a singular medical unit for your family. It will help you in loads of ways and when you least expect it.




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