For wig beginners, the most concerning questions would be “What is the best way to apply a lace wig and make it look natural?” and “What are some common mistakes that could ruin a lace wig?” We don’t want to feel embarrassed in public when wearing a wig, and we don’t want to ruin our wigs as they’re not cheap!

We asked 200 experienced wig-wearers what mistakes they made when first wearing a lace wig. Below, we summarized the top 7 mistakes that a wig beginner would make, some of which can ruin your new lace wig.

Let’s take a look at what they said and how to avoid these mistakes.

Three mistakes that can ruin your lace wigs.
1. Over-plucking.

“Every time I try to pluck a natural hairline or pluck the scalp I end up ripping the lace.”

“I over-plucked the hair cause I wanted it to look more natural.”

Order a pre-plucked hairline lace wig instead of plucking by yourself. If you feel the plucking is not enough, ask an expert for help, as plucking by yourself can easily rip the lace. And if you pluck unevenly, it will look like that there are some holes in the front lace.

2. Over-bleaching or Over-dyeing.

“I bleached the hair too much and it was shedding everywhere.”

“I Colored my hair so much trying to get the right color and it went from a 180 to 130.”

Bleaching the hair knots too much can easily cause hair loss. Sometimes it will shed like crazy, because The bleaching powder will make the hair knots fragile.

3. Cut too Much Lace Off.

“Slaying a wig is not always easy, a mistake I’ve made is I cut my lace too close.”

“I cut the lace back too far and used the wrong color on my part. So it looked like I put Cheeto dust in the part and must of the lace was missing in the front.”

Cut too much lace also cannot be fixed. Cut the lace carefully, and make sure not to cut the lace with single knots hair along the hairline.

Four mistakes that will make your wig visible and not natural.
4. Cap Size is too Big or too Small.

“I got it too tight around my head so a line was showing when I took it off.”

“The wig size was too big for me, and I wasn’t wearing an elastic band. So the wig was sliding back and my stocking cap was showing.”

You will feel uncomfortable when the wig is too tight and sometimes may cause a headache. But when it is too big, you’ll feel unsafe, and the wig can easily slide back.
You can read here about choosing the right capsize.
If your cap size is too big, sew an elastic band inside from ear to ear and use adhesive along the hairline to secure your wig.

5. Applying too Much Glue.

“I overdid the adhesive on the hairline and everything was just FLAKING through the lace.”
“Forgot to clean off the dried glue, had me walking around stupid all-day.”
When we start to wear lace wigs, we always worry that the wig will slide off, so applying too much glue often happens.
Different wig glues have different directions, so follow the direction of the glue you use.

6. Not Securing the Wig Enough.

“No glue at all & no elastic band.”

“I didn’t fix the wig comb in the hair, I fell out of my head while playing I was embarrassed.”

A glueless lace cap has three combs, one on the top and two on each side near the ears, to help us to secure the wig. It also includes an adjustable strap around the neck used to adjust the cap size to flatten the hairline and better secure the wig.

“I didn’t cornrow my hair flat and so I had two road bumps on top of my head.”

“The biggest mistake I made was not laying my hair underneath flat enough.”

Your natural hair will be visible even under the wig if you’re not making your natural hair as flat as possible.

If you have made mistakes when wearing a wig, leave your experience below.

And if you have some suggestions on how to wear a wig naturally, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below too.


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