Stock Market Reaches Another All Time High

Stock Market Reaches Another All Time High

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What You Must Know About Stock Market

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The stock market all time high has many looking at their 401Ks and celebrating their exceptionally good fortune.In 2013, Fox News reported that household income levels dropped by a significant 8.2% in four years. Drudge reported that 8.5 million Americans left the labor force during that same time period. Unemployment remained unacceptably high at 7.9%. USA Today reported on the anemic growth of the US GDP. Even Forbes asks the question, “Why is Wall Street winning right now and everyone else seems to be losing?“

With all the negative news in 2013, why did the stock market continue to rise? Chief investment strategist and CEO of Fearless Wealth, RC Peck says that the “federal Reserve stimulus and government borrowing to meet its obligations are driving stocks to record highs on a daily basis,” and I tend to agree.
In a recent interview with Money News, Peck went on to say, “It’s going up because this is yet another place that inflation is showing up. [The Fed is] not allowing recessions to happen. When we do correct … we’ll correct sharper and harder than we need to.“
Additionally, in an article on Market Consensus titled, “Stock Market Correction is Imminent – Time to Take Profits (2013),” it states, “Continual quantitative easing by the U.S. Federal Reserve has been a major factor contributing to the rise in asset prices.“

Five big challenges have cropped up in the past two weeks. They’re telling us the market will struggle to move higher, and it may even drop sharply in the seasonally volatile months of September and October.
But first, here are five ominous challenges stocks face.
Market challenge No. 1: Investor sentiment is getting rich
From a contrarian perspective, this is troubling. Whenever a lot of people are bullish, it’s a sign that most of the good news is already priced in. And there are fewer people with money on hand to push your stocks higher.
A great example of the current bullishness gripping the market: The demand for put options relative to calls is the lowest it’s been in more than a decade, according to the Chicago Board Options Exchange data. Put options are a bet stocks will decline, and investors buy calls when they think stocks will go up.
Next, the percentage of bullish stock letter writers jumped to 59.5% last week, according to Investors Intelligence, the highest level since January 2020 (59.4%). I also track the Investors Intelligence Bull/Bear ratio. This has risen to 3.60, which puts it near the warning path. Anything above 4 is a clear sign that sentiment is getting too rich. (In contrast, below 1 signals that stocks are a strong buy. This ratio was at 0.72 in the last week of March during the Covid-19 market meltdown.)
It’s also notable that the number of investors short-selling stocks, a bet they will fall, is declining.
Market challenge No. 2: Insiders are on vacation, and not because it’s August
The ratio of stock purchases to sales by in-the-know executives and directors tell us market insiders don’t care much for their own stocks. This ratio is slightly bearish, according to Vickers Insider Weekly.
Market challenge No. 3: Stock valuations are stretched
The Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow tracker recently put annualized third-quarter GDP growth at an amazing 25.6%. The Citigroup Economic Surprise Index is at or near record-high territory. The housing market is strong, and it has a big impact on the entire economy.
It’s just that all this potential growth seems priced in. And insiders are telling us they know it — by taking a break from buying their own stock.

Market challenge No. 4: Participation in the rally is dwindling
Ia lot of stocks are performing poorly underneath the narrower indices tracked by the media, it’s a way of saying a “stealth” correction has already begun. But it just hasn’t been picked up by the market “bugs” in the corner of the CNBC screen, which can keep enthusiasm afloat among the crowd and superficial thinkers at the margin.

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