Reason why only Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns raised their voice against The Undertaker who upset the locker room (Report)


Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns have grown into becoming the top names on RAW and SmackDown respectively. The two men have led the way for WWE during the pandemic era. One example of this was them standing up to The Undertaker’s comments on this generation’s Superstars while most others remained quiet.

In an interview, The Undertaker had called the current generation of WWE Superstars ‘soft’. This led to widespread anger in the locker room and many Superstars felt offended by the Deadman’s remarks.

As per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the reason why nobody other than Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns called out The Undertaker for his remarks was as they felt it would be a no-win situation.

“Let’s just say a lot of talent, not just here was very upset about Undertaker calling the modern generation of wrestlers soft, and at those who backed up that statement. Aside from Reigns and McIntyre, who evidently felt their stature was such that they could retaliate without getting heat, most kept quiet because it’s a no win situation arguing with a legend in public.”

Meltzer did add that US Champion Riddle also spoke out against The Undertaker’s comments but that could merely be Riddle trying to set up an angle for himself like he has done in the past with Brock Lesnar.

“It was just a retired guy trying to sound gangster” – Roman Reigns

The Universal Champion, Roman Reigns had hit back at the Undertaker saying in an interview with Sports Illustrated that he is glad that the current generation of Superstars don’t indulge in nefarious activities and rather just play video games.

“It’s a different time and I think we’re smarter. I think you’re gonna see that from the financial side of it, from how we save our money, how we prepare for the future, having a life after the business when we can’t fall down anymore to our actual health. I think it was just like a retired guy trying to sound gangster.”

Roman Reigns also stated that he believes The Undertaker misspoke and he didn’t mean what he said, adding that he is a very good guy at heart.

Published 26 Feb 2021, 18:29 IST


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