I’ve got a bad feeling about this


Minecraft Bedrock players can earn the “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” achievement by killing an illager raid captain for the first time.

Illagers are a collection of dangerous and hostile mobs in Minecraft. They serve as the antagonists to the peaceful villagers of the Overworld. These mobs look similar to villagers in appearance but are far from friendly and have a unique gray tint to their skin.

On certain occasions, Minecraft players can encounter an illager mob who is a raid captain. These mobs are distinguishable by the Ominous Banner above their head, which makes them easy to spot among other illager mobs.

This article breaks down how to find and kill a raid captain in Minecraft, thereby explaining how to obtain the “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” achievement on Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Achievement: I’ve got a bad feeling about this

Illager raid captains can typically be found as members of illager patrols or near pillager outpost structures.

Pillager patrols occur once a Minecraft player has spent five full in-game days or 100 minutes playing on their specific world. Once this condition has been met, the game will attempt to spawn in a patrol every 10 to 11 minutes.

There is only about a 20% chance for each attempt to be successful. Luckily for players though, the patrol will usually spawn at a random location that is only about 24-48 blocks away from where the player is in-game.

Patrols can spawn in every biome with the exception of mushroom fields, mushroom field shores, the Nether, the End, rivers, frozen rivers, snowy tundras, snowy mountains and legacy frozen oceans.

Five pillager mobs spawn as members of the patrol, with one of them being the raid captain. As mentioned previously, the raid captain will be distinguishable by the Ominous Banner above its head.

Pillagers raid captains can also be found residing near pillager outposts, where one to three different raid captains can usually be found.

Pillager outpost structures can be found throughout the Overworld of Minecraft, but players can refer to this guide if they are facing difficulty locating one on their particular game world.

Once a Minecraft player has found a pillager captain, defeating them in combat should not prove to be very difficult. To be safe, players should equip themselves with at least a basic set of armor, an iron quality sword and a few pieces of food.

Pillagers only have 12 hearts worth of health, which means that they can be cut down relatively quickly. However, players should still be careful of the projectiles from their crossbows when entering combat with these mobs.

Defeating an illager raid captain will grant the Bad Omen status effect, which players can use to trigger the start of a pillager raid by entering into any village.

However, once a raid captain is defeated, Minecraft players will be immediately granted the “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” achievement on Bedrock Edition.

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Published 27 Feb 2021, 05:59 IST


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