ImJasmine and Devin Nash attempt to elude a stranger who threatens to beat Devin up


ImJasmine and Devin Nash were aggressively followed and threatened by a man leading a group of strangers.

The first part of the video is here.

While filming an IRL stream, ImJasmine was able to record herself being followed by a group of strangers. One of the men takes charge and tells the other two to stay back and that he’s ‘got it.’ That man asks very direct questions concerning how long Devin Nash and ImJasmine have been in the city.

Since the walking pace of the streamers is quick, it is clear there is an attempt to elude the group. Unfortunately, the group keeps up and continues to try and gain personal information about the two. ImJasmine says that she is from Canada and came to the US this year.

The leader of the strangers repeats that ImJasmine came to the US recently. That’s when things take an unexpected turn and the stranger’s tone changes to being hostile. He gets angry that ImJasmine came to the US when the Coronavirus pandemic.

He then states that since ImJasmine is Asian, she must be from Vancouver. The racial attack was the result of reports stating a third of the property in Vancouver was owned by Chinese investors. Throughout the conversation, ImJasmine’s attitude is changed in a way that is apparent as the man next to her berates her.

The stranger notices the camera Jasmine is holding and shouts at her to delete the video she is taking. Devin tries to calm the stranger down, but he continues to scream “delete it,” over, and over.

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At last, the man threatens to break ‘everything’ before explaining he will beat up Devin Nash. Devin says that it’s fine, as he tries to keep the man’s focus away from Jasmine.

The man’s friends explain to him that because the video was a Twitch recording, Jasmine could not delete it. He insists he understands what Jasmine is doing and still wants to be erased from the recording. Finally, after being talked down from all sides, the man says not to delete him and leaves.

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ImJasmine looks very distraught in the end, and Devin seems to have lost his good mood as well. Hopefully, they do not go out on the streets alone again anytime soon.

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The comments give suggestions and ask ImJasmine if the pair need the police.

In the stream, many viewers are asking Imjasmine and Devin Nash if they need help, and near the end of it, it is clear that they do. Here are chat comparisons of the chat when it first starts next to when the man is yelling.

Image via Twitch
Image via Twitch

There is no indication that the chat called the police, but this would have been helpful. Streamers may want to consider setting up an emergency word with their chat going forward so that they can get assistance as soon as possible.

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Published 03 Mar 2021, 00:15 IST


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