How Physical activity and nutrition make you healthy?


How Physical activity and nutrition make you healthy?


Physical activity has many benefits to your health. It helps you to stay at a healthy body weight. It reduces the risk of bone fracture and also prevents you from many other diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Good nutrition provides energy to your body for physical activity. Always eat a moderate, varied, and balanced diet because it provides you complete nutrition that your body needs.

Let’s discuss what it means by:

Moderate: Eat a moderate diet that means eat a little of everything but not surplus.

Variety: Eat from each food (example: eat from each vegetable and fruit not just eat apples or carrots). Only one fruit or vegetable does not give you complete nutrition.

Balance: Eat a suggested number of servings from each food.

How physical activity and nutrition affect our health?

A healthy and balanced diet can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other disabilities.

A healthy diet and physical activities also protect us to gain weight and promote weight loss.

It improves our overall health.

Physical activity and good nutrition also improve your personal appearance, keep you positive and build your ability to live independently.

How nutrition improves your physical activity?

Nutrition that includes proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates provides you energy so that you can easily do the workout. Water is also important for the good performance of the body. Take water and sodium-containing drinks before a workout because they protect your body from excessive fluid loss.

You should eat your meal 2 to 3 hours before exercise. If you eat 30 to 40 minutes before a workout makes sure to eat a simple meal that contains carbohydrates and proteins that can easy to digest.

Eating a balanced diet can help you to get the better nutrients and calories that need for your daily activities including daily exercise. Eating the right food at the right time of the day is very important.


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