Final day of Trump impeachment trial ends with 57-43 vote to acquit | USA TODAY

Senators deliberate on whether they will bring any witnesses to testify in the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.


House managers wrapped up their first day of arguments during the second day in former President Donald Trump’s historic impeachment trial on Feb. 11, and Trump’s defense team wrapped their presentation on Feb. 12.
Now, the Senate will hear questions and closing arguments before voting to acquit or convict Trump of the single article of impeachment.

The managers highlighted several videos of previously unseen security camera footage from the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection, detailing how close lawmakers and their staff were to potential violence.

Several GOP senators were emotional after the videos, calling them “disturbing.”

House managers attempted to paint a picture that not only did Trump avoid calling off the rioters that day — which Rep. Joaquin Castro described as Trump leaving “everyone in the Capitol for dead” — but also through his tweets, campaign speeches, and rhetoric in the months leading up, he was directly responsible for fueling the crowd.

The House prosecutors also relied on previous protests and acts of violence from Trump supporters, such as when Trump supporters attempted to run a Biden campaign bus off the road and protests at election centers, as examples of incidents where his supporters acted upon his words.

Trump’s legal wasn’t swayed by the footage played Wednesday, with lawyer Bruce Castor saying there was nothing new that the public and Senate didn’t already know.

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