Colon Cancer –Treatments Risk Factors And Procedure

Colon Cancer –Treatments Risk Factors And Procedure

There are many cancers associated with different parts of the body. Colon cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in the colorectal region. Here are some treatments, risks, and procedures for colon cancer treatment.

Treatments Of Colon Cancer

There are several treatment options available for colon cancer. Some of them are as follows:

1. Colonoscopy

The first and most common treatment procedure is a colonoscopy. This option is your best vet to go for if your cancer is detected in the early stages of its progression. If the tumor is small, localized, and hasn’t started to branch out yet, then the doctor is able to easily remove it by a method known as a colonoscopy. It is the cutting and removal of the tumor which is small and localized within a polyp.

2. Endoscopic Mucosal Resection

In this procedure, not only the larger tumors are removed by a special and intricate device or tool, but some part of the inner layer of the colon is also removed. The reason why is because doctors want to be sure that there is no trace of cells after the removal of the tumor.

For larger tumors that are not localized and are starting to spread throughout the colon, a special surgery is done, which is known as laparoscopic surgery. This surgery is considered a bit invasive and it is done by inserting small cameras through incisions in your stomach and from there, the tumors are seen and are removed surgically.

Risks Associated With Colon Cancer

Here are some risks associated with colon cancer.

  • There might be family history or it can be hereditary.
  • Lack of physical activity also leads to colon cancer.
  • Prolonged inflammation in the bowel region can aggravate into cancer.
  • A diet that is low in fiber and high in fat can lead to colorectal cancer and more problems with digestion.
  • The use of tobacco, alcohol, and too much caffeine can lead to colon cancer.
  • Obesity and fatigue are very common reasons for cancer.
  • Lifestyle changes like staying sedentary for long periods of time and not having a healthy diet can lead to colon cancer.

Surgical Procedure For Colon Cancer

The removal of the tumor is done through many procedures, but the baseline of each procedure is to make an incision either in the abdomen or the lower stomach region for easier access. From here, the tumor is located either through small cameras or CT scans. The tumor is then removed by the vase where it is attached to your body. A lot of care is taken not to pop the tumor, otherwise, infections can spread very easily and very quickly.

There you have it! Now you know everything there is to know about colon cancer and its associated treatment, problems, risks, and prognosis. The best way of cure is to act on the treatment right away and as soon as you find out.




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