Child Development And Genetic Disorders In Children

A diagnostics session of a child with development and social problems. Young professional social worker observing a kid sitting on a floor.

Child Development And Genetic Disorders In Children

You would be surprised at how many genetic disorders there are in children. Gene mutation in children is very common. So, here are some genetic disorders and children’s disabilities which occur commonly in children.

1. Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a very common genetic disorder in children. It shows pretty early on and the main symptoms of this disease are the low concentration of the child, less IQ, facial changes, and enlarged eyes. Children with Down syndrome need special care and attention to become better in their lives, which is why a lot of special schools and academic learning centers are available for these children. Sometimes, children who are suffering from Downs syndrome will also have a hard time talking and communicate, but they are considered to be highly creative and thoughtful. This is why nurturing these kids is important so that they can become better individuals and live life as good members of society.

2. William Syndrome

William syndrome occurs when there is a problem in the elastin gene. This can cause the child to be overly hyperactive and social in certain situations. But this can also lead to shortening of the pulmonary arteries and this can cause the child to experience difficulty in breathing. Due to the problems occurring in the elastin gene, children who suffer from William syndrome have very unique facial features and they can be quite distinctive.


ADHD is also a very common disease that can occur in children. It is a combination of genetic and mental disorders. This can cause the child to lose focus quickly, not be able to pronounce words and sentences properly, and be socially anxious. There are quite a lot of medications for the treatment of ADHD, which show extremely promising results. The effects of ADHD don’t show until the child is slightly older, like 4 to 5 years old. There are no facial or physical changes in the body but the gene mutation can alter brain function, which is why it can be hard to speak or keep up conversations.

4. Marfan Syndrome

Marfan syndrome is also a genetic disorder that is common in children. The children are born with a mutated gene called Fibrillin-1, which can cause the heart to be extremely weak. The aorta and the arterial walls of the heart are not strong enough to pump blood properly. This can be a fatal condition for a lot of children because under stress the muscles of the heart can tear and leak.

5. DiGeorge Syndrome

Children suffering from DiGeorge syndrome have facial disfigurement and abnormalities in the heart. This can also lead to the formation of a bluish tinge on the skin. The abnormalities of the heart mainly include a shorter heart, weaker muscles, etc. This disease also makes the immune system weak.

Now that you know what child development is and what genetic disorders are associated with children, you can tackle these children’s developmental disabilities before it gets too late.



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