Best Ways To Improve Mental Health in Children

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Show your child that writing can be a wonderful tool for them to manage their stress and feelings from an early age. Give them a journal or diary and show them the importance of writing down their feelings and thoughts at least once a week.


Routine bed times not only help with a child’s natural development and health but also helps improve discipline.


Make sure that you are a good representative and role model to your children, but also take the time to pay attention to who and what they follow in these days of social media and schooling. Be sure your child is looking at positive representations of family, food, society, and more.


Show your children how to relax! We all know kids are balls of energy but take the time to show them how to slow down, breath, and relax. As always discipline is a great thing to establish early on and taking the time to collect their thoughts and think about themselves and their day while sitting still for even 10 minutes can help establish good routines that will last them a lifetime.


One of the most important things you can do early on. So many of our children get stuck on fast food, candy, sugar, soda and all the worst parts of the human diet due to how companies market towards them. You don’t have to deny your child a candy bar every time they ask but don’t allow them to make it a daily thing. Simple things like limiting fast food items to once a week and showing them how to cook from early on are great ways to make sure your child stays healthy. Also make them aware of the consequences of a bad diet and how it can effect their life in the future.


We all know the importance of brushing our teeth and keeping our hair, face and body clean. Kids have to learn how to blow their noses to keep it from running down their face, keep their hands clean, get dressed and undressed and keep their room tidy. These things teach children how to be independent and self-aware, but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to self-care. Self-care is also about well-being, happiness and self-love! Letting our children know that they are loved means they learn to love themselves. Letting them know they are appreciated, valued and important embeds in them a sense of pride and self-confidence.


Friendships teach children social and emotional skills as well as increase their sense of belonging. Through having healthy relationships children will learn empathy and sympathy, how to be recognize and be sensitive to the feelings of others, they learn the rules of conversation and age-appropriate behavior.


Allowing children to have a say and an opinion on everything would of course be asking for trouble, but allowing your child to express their opinions, validating their opinions and guiding them to make good choices is what I’m referring to here. Validating your children’s feelings makes them feel understood without being judged or constantly corrected. Simply acknowledging their feelings and thoughts on a subject encourages openness and self-confidence.


Notice what your kid is good at and nudge them in that direction. Kids often display their talents early, while you shouldn’t force them into anything if they show a specific interest then take the time to follow up with it and explore further.


You are the most important factor in your children’s lives. You are the first superhero they come in contact with. Be sure to take the time to spend the personal time with them because they will only be kids once. Work can become the most important thing for a lot of us, especially when you are starting a family, but we have to remember that money and gifts are not replacements for personal time, love, and memories. Your kid will love and remember the times playing their favorite games with you just as much as they will remember that trip to Disneyland!



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