5 most popular Electric Pokemon in Sword and Shield


Some of the most popular Pokemon possess an Electric typing.

With the addition of two DLCs, the Pokedex for Pokemon Sword and Shield is quite expansive. Sword and Shield has a lot of great new and returning Electric Pokemon. Here are the most popular ones.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the writer.

5 most popular Electric Pokemon in Sword and Shield

#5 – Luxray

Image via Pokemon Wiki
Image via Pokemon Wiki

The intimidating Electric Pokemon, Luxray, was on most players’ first team in Diamond & Pearl. It’s obtainable early as a Shinx, both in those games and in Sword and Shield. It’s available all over the Wild Area.

Luxray is one of the most popular Pokemon in Generation IV. With the hype surrounding Generation IV right now, due to the potential remakes, it makes sense for this Pokemon to be incredibly popular.

#4 – Rotom

Image via Pokemon Wiki
Image via Pokemon Wiki

Rotom has taken over the Pokedex in recent years. Now, players have Rotom-phones, a Rotom-Dex, and even a Rotom-Bike. Players see this cheeky little Electric guy everywhere they go, so it’s hard to dislike it.

Rotom even takes over random appliances like mowers, fridges, and washing machines. Then it dawns a new typing depending on what it takes over. This Pokemon has one of the best designs and is just so cool.

#3 – Zapdos

Image via Pokemon Wiki
Image via Pokemon Wiki

A member of the Legendary bird trio, Zapdos, has been a fan favorite Electric Pokemon ever since its debut in Generation I. It is the earliest obtainable Legendary Pokemon in Generation I games.

Unfortunately, it can’t be obtained easily in Sword and Shield, as the player must find it in a Raid Den in the Crown Tundra. It even gained a Galarian form in the DLC Crown Tundra.

#2 – Jolteon

Image via Pokemon Wiki
Image via Pokemon Wiki

The Electric member of the Eeveelution family, Jolteon, is one of the most popular evolutions of Eevee. In Red & Blue this is one of the best Pokemon for a main story playthrough, since critical hit ratio was based on speed and Jolteon is incredibly fast.

Jolteon can be evolved from Eevee using a Thunder Stone. The Thunder Stone gets a lot of use in Generation I, as it is able to evolve Pikachu as well.

#1 – Pikachu

Image via Pokemon Wiki
Image via Pokemon Wiki

Surprising right? Not at all. Pikachu is the mascot of Pokemon, and one of the most popular Pokemon of all time. Ask anyone anywhere what this picture is, and they’ll say Pikachu.

Pikachu has been in nearly every Pokemon game ever, including spin-offs. It even gained a new Gigantamax form in Sword and Shield. This is undoutedly the most popular Electric Pokemon in not just Sword and Shield, but of all time.

Published 25 Feb 2021, 00:36 IST


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